Pre-30th birthday musings

whoa! I haven’t posted anything for almost a year and a half! Tsk tsk. Outrageous. This has GOT to change.

I will be 30 soon and I tried to get used to this number so much that I’m forgettiing I’m still 29! Yay!

Well, I feel quite fresh still when I view myself as a 30 year old woman, i am just chewing on my nails cause I set my expectations too high for the achievements I wanted  to have by this age… I realize  age related pressure and perfectionism are stupid but I keep falling into this trap.

So what’s happened in the past 10 years?

  • I moved to 15 different places to stay
  • Bucharest has become my home in a really big way, I always feel at home strolling in its streets no matter where I’ve been or how good or bad my current apartment might make me feel. “City who loves me/ Lonely as I am/ Together we cry” (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
  • I lived with a boyfriend for a year and a half
  • I rediscovered singing and musical instruments after parting with them in highschool
  • I dyed my hair 5 colours- not at thew same time lol
  • I fell in and out of love with Myspace
  • I travelled to Spain
  • I worked with kids for 5 wonderful months
  • I cut my own hair quite a lot of times, sometimes with amazingly decent results, some other times- when I tried  cutting my fringe- with hilariously disastruous results
  • I developped an addiction to chocolate and sweets and eating on the go
  • I discovered freeganism but I sitll enjoy shopping and spending every now and then ha ha ha
  • I grew fond of all kinds of rock in such a big way that I wouldn’t have anticipated at 20
  • I grew fonder with art and eccentric people
  • I grew even fonder with all cultures of the world- european, aboriginal, eskimo, hispanic, you name it – “Your love is my love/ And my love is your love” (Whitney Houston)
  • I changed shitty job after shitty job and I’m trying to change that right now
  • I rediscovered painting- although in a childish, carefree way
  • I developed a fascination with the weather, I now can identify different types of clouds and anticipate weather changes
  • I broke into thousands of pieces several times, breaking up with people but I’ll never stop believing in love and I understood we have more than one soulmate on this planet
  • I walked home at night for 1-2 hours a couple of times cause I missed the last bus or subway
  • I saw Sarah Brightman live
  • I indulged my appetite for ruins, towers and castles right here in Romania at some pretty amazing sites
  • I became a little boss at my current (icky) job and I feel a little proud in a way, even if my work environment is still icky, at least I made things easier for my team as often as I could
  • I learned to cook and fix things around the house and I sometimes get a sort of rabies that pushes me to re-arrange furniture even in the wee hours of the morning
  • I have been through highs and lows but I still feel like the Fool Tarot card – excited, naive, impetuous




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