Breasts and protests

  • Let me begin today’s show with a word of caution for all you lovely ladies out there: protect your breasts from cancer… by wearing bras less. It seems bras hamper lymphatic circulation which is a factor in a higher risk for breast cancer. A doctor offers explanations here

So, protect them and be proud of them! I remember reading in a UK Cosmo a while ago, an image consultant had an awesome tip for standing straight and making your chest look good no matter the size “Imagine your breasts are looking at people


  • Could protests be more effective if we focused them on the desired result instead of the thing we are protesting against? For example, Slut Walk. I have a feeling that “This is not an invitation to rape me” would be harder for men to remember than “We deserve respect even if we wear short skirts”. At least psychiatrists think that self suggestion with nagative phrases (ex: “I don’t have a headache anymore” ) tends to lead to aggravating the condition or symptoms you are trying to alleviatIt would be worth it more to say “My head’s fine, I’m feeling good again”)

Or like  buying fuits and veggies from the local market turns the wheel in the right direction faster than protesting in front of a chain supermarket that imports the veggies from thousands of miles away.

Just my two cents.


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