midnight snack

Ha! Fooled ya! I´m not having any snack apart from the tiny piece of dark chocolate I couldn´t resist. I´m a non smoker but I won judge people who smoke because chocolate is my cigarette.

Its very very hot oudoors and people abuse the AC indoors.  At work I like to sneak and turn off the AC when thereś fewer of us left. At home, I don have AC period but Iḿ OK.

I´m actually kind of hungry but I have to say no to late night dinners, at least for a while, Iǘe been dreaming the weirdest shit with my stomach full.

Iḿ thrilled with the way Breslo.ro is growing, its a sort of Etsy.com for Romanian artisans. Its so much more lively than last year when I discovered it. I´m growing fonder and fonder of handmade stuff, small shops and local fruit and veg.

I haven´t been to any live concerts in a long long while. a couple of months I think.



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