I’m back!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m in the mood for blogging again.

But have patience, for I have to watch some videos of people I admire. He he he.

One step back, two steps forward.



Pre-30th birthday musings

whoa! I haven’t posted anything for almost a year and a half! Tsk tsk. Outrageous. This has GOT to change.

I will be 30 soon and I tried to get used to this number so much that I’m forgettiing I’m still 29! Yay!

Well, I feel quite fresh still when I view myself as a 30 year old woman, i am just chewing on my nails cause I set my expectations too high for the achievements I wanted  to have by this age… I realize  age related pressure and perfectionism are stupid but I keep falling into this trap.

So what’s happened in the past 10 years?

  • I moved to 15 different places to stay
  • Bucharest has become my home in a really big way, I always feel at home strolling in its streets no matter where I’ve been or how good or bad my current apartment might make me feel. “City who loves me/ Lonely as I am/ Together we cry” (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
  • I lived with a boyfriend for a year and a half
  • I rediscovered singing and musical instruments after parting with them in highschool
  • I dyed my hair 5 colours- not at thew same time lol
  • I fell in and out of love with Myspace
  • I travelled to Spain
  • I worked with kids for 5 wonderful months
  • I cut my own hair quite a lot of times, sometimes with amazingly decent results, some other times- when I tried  cutting my fringe- with hilariously disastruous results
  • I developped an addiction to chocolate and sweets and eating on the go
  • I discovered freeganism but I sitll enjoy shopping and spending every now and then ha ha ha
  • I grew fond of all kinds of rock in such a big way that I wouldn’t have anticipated at 20
  • I grew fonder with art and eccentric people
  • I grew even fonder with all cultures of the world- european, aboriginal, eskimo, hispanic, you name it – “Your love is my love/ And my love is your love” (Whitney Houston)
  • I changed shitty job after shitty job and I’m trying to change that right now
  • I rediscovered painting- although in a childish, carefree way
  • I developed a fascination with the weather, I now can identify different types of clouds and anticipate weather changes
  • I broke into thousands of pieces several times, breaking up with people but I’ll never stop believing in love and I understood we have more than one soulmate on this planet
  • I walked home at night for 1-2 hours a couple of times cause I missed the last bus or subway
  • I saw Sarah Brightman live
  • I indulged my appetite for ruins, towers and castles right here in Romania at some pretty amazing sites
  • I became a little boss at my current (icky) job and I feel a little proud in a way, even if my work environment is still icky, at least I made things easier for my team as often as I could
  • I learned to cook and fix things around the house and I sometimes get a sort of rabies that pushes me to re-arrange furniture even in the wee hours of the morning
  • I have been through highs and lows but I still feel like the Fool Tarot card – excited, naive, impetuous


Breasts and protests

  • Let me begin today’s show with a word of caution for all you lovely ladies out there: protect your breasts from cancer… by wearing bras less. It seems bras hamper lymphatic circulation which is a factor in a higher risk for breast cancer. A doctor offers explanations here

So, protect them and be proud of them! I remember reading in a UK Cosmo a while ago, an image consultant had an awesome tip for standing straight and making your chest look good no matter the size “Imagine your breasts are looking at people


  • Could protests be more effective if we focused them on the desired result instead of the thing we are protesting against? For example, Slut Walk. I have a feeling that “This is not an invitation to rape me” would be harder for men to remember than “We deserve respect even if we wear short skirts”. At least psychiatrists think that self suggestion with nagative phrases (ex: “I don’t have a headache anymore” ) tends to lead to aggravating the condition or symptoms you are trying to alleviatIt would be worth it more to say “My head’s fine, I’m feeling good again”)

Or like  buying fuits and veggies from the local market turns the wheel in the right direction faster than protesting in front of a chain supermarket that imports the veggies from thousands of miles away.

Just my two cents.

excursie in Crangasi

26 august. Azi am avut zi libera si in spiritul excursiei in Ferentari,  am pornit intr-o excursie in Crangasi. revin dupa ce fac un pic de nani, m-am plimbat foarte foarte mult pe jos, nu doar prin Crangasi… be right back

Asa…Ma invrednicesc sa continui povestea azi, 19 octombrie. 😀

Nu ma mai plimbasem prin Crangasi din 2004 si nu pe o suprafata asa de mare ca acum. O zi ciudata, impresie intregita de mai departe


imi doresc sa fiu candva o mama de gasca, nu sunt feminista radicala, in general imi place sa incurajez sau sa imi inveselesc interlocutorii. Dar daca nu scriu asta, o sa imi para rau:

Daca esti parinte, ai dreptul sa ai si alte preocupari decat sa indeplinesti mofturile copiilor care oricum nu apreciaza eforturile tale decat cand ajung si ei sa aiba copii. Sa isi puna pofta in cui. prea multi tati umbla cu o singura pereche de pantaloni rupti in fund si carpiti toata iarna ca sa aiba plodul 5 perechi de blugi si prea multe mame rupte de oboseala cara pe scari, in blocuri fara lift, sacose de bunatati pentru desertul plodului care cu o mana ia desertul si cu cealalta butoneaza hipnotizat telecomanda sau tastatura. si-i mai zice mamei ¨femeie¨ sau fah¨

AI DREPTUL, daca te bate barbatul, sa fugi, sa ceri ajutor, sa divortezi.

AI DREPTUL, daca esti femeie, sa iei pauza de la sfintele treburi casnice cand esti obosita. Vei fi chiar mai eficienta dupa o pauza, in caz ca vrei sa-ti ridice cineva o statuie.

AI DREPTUL, daca partenerul/partenera te face nefericit, sa iti cauti fericirea in alta parte.

AI DREPTUL sa iti urmezi o pasiune pe langa jobul ¨din care iti platesti facturile/ratele/chiria¨

AI DREPTUL sa it continui studiile chiar daca ai familie si copii iar parintii tai pensionari iti spun ¨esti tata de familie/esti femeie maritata,, ce-ti mai trebuie facultate?¨

AI DREPTUL sa nu te duci la facultate daca nu te atrage nici una, vrei sa iti iei cativa ani sabatici in care sa inveti din munca si din calatorii, sau pur si simplu vrei sa iti construiesti destinul fara patalamaua la mana dupa care alearga multi cu spagi pe la secretariate si cu nopti nedormite la restante.

AI DREPTUL sa nu iti pupi in kur socrii sau sefii, luand in schimb o atitudine politicoasa si rece daca asa iti face placere.

Daca stii ce vrei si nu faci nimic pentru asta, nici macar un pas simbolic…

nu ai dreptul sa te plangi.

midnight snack

Ha! Fooled ya! I´m not having any snack apart from the tiny piece of dark chocolate I couldn´t resist. I´m a non smoker but I won judge people who smoke because chocolate is my cigarette.

Its very very hot oudoors and people abuse the AC indoors.  At work I like to sneak and Continue reading